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About The VibeClass Experience

VibeClass is an interval cross training workout in a circuit format that uses resistance bands, free weights and body weight exercises, enhanced with the advanced technology of vibrating platforms to maximize muscle work and stair climbing to optimize cardiovascular activity and calorie burn.

We offer numerous workout protocols, enabling our members to always activate their body with varying stimuli, avoiding the plateau effect and optimizing results.

We gathered the best fitness methods and equipment in order to create the quickest, safest, and most efficient workout with the most benefits for your health and wellness.

Our goal is to spread daily good vibes and make you feel better each time you leave our studio. Feel the vibe!

Vibration Plate VibeClass



Average of 600 calories per session


Accelerates fat loss andsupports rapid strength gains


Burns much more calories compared to a non-vibrating workout


Increases basal metabolic rate


Promotes flexibility and Builds bone density


Reduces cellulite


Improves balance and postural alignment


Improves blood circulation
and Flush toxins from fat cells


Reduces stress levels with Anti-aging benefits


Massages lymphatic system

South Beach

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