History & Modern Day Science

Vibration Plate Workout

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) was originally created by Russian Scientists as a solution to reversing severe deterioration of muscle tissue and bone mineral density in astronauts caused in space due to 0 gravity conditions. WBV was used both in space and in rehabilitation upon returning to earth. Scientists discovered that Astronauts were reversing the muscle atrophy and suffering bone density at amazing rates when using WBV. Basically, they were getting fitter, faster. Strength gains and bone density increases were occurring rapidly.

Today, Vibration Platforms can be seen everywhere from chiropractor offices to physical therapist’s facilities. In the pro-sport industry, athletes from the NFL to the NBA use them to facilitate injury recovery, flexibility and conditioning.

VibeClass takes the same technology used by scientists and pro athletes and offers it to you in a fun, efficient 45-minute workout that not only increases fat and calorie burn, but also offers array of amazing health benefits.

VibeClass Vibration Plate Circuit Training