High Tech StairMills

Stair climbing increases the heart rate and ventilation, thereby speeding up the oxygen uptake of the working muscles improving cardiovascular conditioning. Provide resistance for the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and calves enabling one to sculpt and lean out the lower part of the body increasing the body’s resting metabolic rate.

Efficient Workout with Low Impact, stair climber involves both cardio performance and resistance movement combining two workouts into one, reducing the amount of time spent exercising. Stair climbing is a natural, easy, low impact activity that is gentle on the knees, ankles and back. Stair climbing is an effective method of exercising for those who maybe injured, overweight, pregnant or just beginning an exercise program.

By using this advanced and unique method of Vibe Class to work out, you will experience a heightened sense of body awareness; you’ll feel lighter, more agile, and more coordinated not only in the gym, but in your daily life.